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May 23

Community Council Minutes

The treasurer’s report was $354.15.

We continued discussion on the no homework during vacation proposal.

Mr. Learmonth visited and shared with us his opinion on the proposal. The school is working on a summative assessment program so homework will actually just be prep for it. You are competing with people from different schools and different countries and they aren’t taking week long breaks off from their homework also. This is messing with the teachers’ curriculums and that is not ok.

Mr. Jones said the science department felt that if they needed to assign homework over vacation, because they don’t usually, then right now they can, but this proposal would make it so they can’t and that would make it very difficult for all work to get accomplished. The majority of the department was not in favor of this.

Vacations are a time of relaxing and if you want to try new things or read then you can.

The schedule might change and if it does would this policy stay the same?

Teachers seem to be very sensitive about what they assign over vacations anyway.

Amendment: AP classes will be exempt from this procedure.

Question called on this amendment.
Amendment passed- 19 yes, 1 no, 1 abstained.

Vote on the amendment to adopt CVU’s policy.
Amendment passed- 15 yes, 1 no, 5 abstained.

What are the ramifications of this proposal going to be?

This seems more like a curriculum issue is not under our jurisdiction.

Discussion on the proposal ended with 18 yes, 1 no, and 2 abstainment vote.
Vote on proposal.
Proposal not passed- 4 yes, 16 no, 1 abstained.

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