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February 28

Community Council


Voting on student school board rep.

People Running:

Quinn McElwain

Quinn says that he really believes that the school board needs the words of the students and that he would make sure that everyone’s voice could be heard.

Vote on Student School Board Member:

Quinn McElwain: 19 votes

Andrew Rainville: 3 votes

Adam Rainville: 2 votes

Katrina Smith: 2 votes

Kirsten Short: 2 votes

Silas Pohlman: 1 vote

Review of outside lighting proposal

Talked with Reg- changing out lights soon to halogen; should be brighter; new lights could can be installed, but at great expense

Enough lighting out by the flag?

We should re-look at this after the new lights are put in

Call to end discussion


Vote to end discussion? Yes unanimous

Review of proposal

Vote on proposal: No unanimous

Lunch Room Proposal (see attached)

What will moving the tables do; sitting with others and table moving not necessarily related. It needs something more

Moving to discussion.

Lunch time is one of those times in the day for people to sit with their friends.

Making people sit with different people won’t hold anything.

Could cause tension and frustration among students.

Just moving the tables won’t do anything to help people meeting new people

Moving the tables would be nice for a change in environment.

A day that would encourage people to sit with new people or inviting new people to sit with you and your friends.

Custodial staff have a specific way they set up the lunch room and we should talk to them about this.

Would be a pain for the custodians.

Discussion postponed until we talk to the custodians.

Vote: Yes

Proposal on parking lots (see attached)

Clarifying questions

Will a teacher get a ticket if not parked in the first row of the first parking lot?


Who will enforce this? Not specified.

Open for discussion.

Student appreciation month for a front row parking lot.

Mostly teachers are in the front because they are here earlier than teachers.

Back parking lot used a lot by the community and hard to get after buses is okay for teachers but would be annoying for juniors and seniors.

Could be dangerous when middle schoolers are outside.

Reserving the first row of the parking lot would be more a pain than helpful.

No one really would gain from this.

Vote to end discussion: Yes

Community Council MAUHS,
Mar 18, 2012, 1:15 PM
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