Skratch is an HTML5 coloring book. It is an interactive site that works equally well on desktop and mobile devices. The standard mobile interface is broken apart into panels that stay glued to the upper corners of the screen.

I began by sketching out the core functionality in a wireframe and flow diagram. After initail testing, it became clear that the menu-driven interface that I initially designed didn't provide the best possible experience. I then made a few exploratory prototypes, finally settling on the current interface which resembles a mobile UI, but scales to desktop usage.

Source on Github Online Version

Edmonton Festival Calendar

This iPad / Web application is all about adding value to public data sets.

The festival calendar is published from the City of Edmonton. I took this information, paired it with public photos from Flickr and added sharing options and an elegant browsing interface.


Why not do web layouts directly in the web browser?

That was the question that sparked this ongoing project. You can draw div's on screen and then enter text in HTML or markdown format.

This is the proof-of-concept prototype. I am now in the process of outlining the core functionality required to make this a tool that designers can use to produce clean and functional HTML layouts.

Source on Github

Music Explorer

Imagine if you could do an automatic web search of the current song and artist you are listening to? This prototype is a sketch of what such an app might look like.


A Zelda-type game for iOS. Your character is controlled by an onscreen D-pad, and you can look at things and teleport between the hatches.

Computer Generated Art

An example of chaotic and deterministic algorithms I produced using Quartz Composer.

Alchemy makes art a lot of fun. Especially for people like me who like a lot of knobs, dials, sliders and unpredictable results!