Relocating to St. Louis

Get Connected

One of the most stressful parts of any move or relocation is hooking up all the utilities, or even just knowing who to call. Here are the main utilities that serve the St. Louis area:

Trash Pickup & Occupancy Permits

The St. Louis metropolitan area is made up of many small municipalities. Trash pickup is handled by the city in some municipalities, contracted out to a private company in others, and the responsibility of the homeowner in others. A list of companies you can contact to pick up your trash can be found here.

Occupancy permits are required in some municipalities and not at all in others. I have seen the fee range from $5 to $75.

Contact city hall in the municipality you are moving to hall prior to closing to determine your trash pickup needs and to see if you need an occupancy permit.

Drivers Licenses and Car Registration

If you're moving to St. Louis from out-of-state, you'll need to get a new drivers license and new license plates for your car. Here's the process to get a Missouri drivers license, and the process to register your car.