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Anduhyaun Inc. strives to support Aboriginal women and their children in their efforts to maintain their cultural identity, self-esteem, economic, physical and spiritual well-being. 

Thanks to Toronto's Clean And Beautiful City Program, Miziwe Biik for their financial support and to TR Renovations for their generous donation of time and materials.

Brian Waboose, a celebrated Native artist recreated his painting in 2001 with this beautiful mural depicting a mother and her child, with an island in the distance. It celebrates the Aboriginal culture that our building both supports and inspires, the strength and leadership women show in our community and provides a beautiful reminder that we are all called to nurture and care for each other, our children and 
the earth.

Anduhyaun Shelter


To learn more about domestic violence and colonization, safety planning, how to read the signs of abuse, and more, check out this resource created by the Native Women's Association of Canada titled You Are Not Alone