Awards and Scholarships


Please find the rules for Demo Night on the Demo Night page.
The presentations and Venture Capitalist judging will be handled as follows:
  1. The Venture Capitalist (VC) Judges Panel will be introduced, and there will be a brief explanation of the process.

  2. The application teams present their applications. Depending on the number of teams that are competing, each team will get 3-5 minutes each to present.

  3. The VC judges will comment on the applications following each group of five team presentations. Each judge will comment on 2-3 of the applications from each group of five; e.g., every judge is not expected to comment on every application. Each judge will take about one minute for comments following each group.

  4. Following the presentations, the VC judges will caucus and select the Investor’s Choice Award winners, and the Sponsors with Sponsor's Choice Awards will select their respective winners. The audience ballots will also be collected and totaled to select the People’s Choice award winners.

  5. The winners will be announced at 8:00 PM following dinner.

Notes about Awards:
  • All awards are per team. Team members will have to decide how to divide the award amongst themselves.
  • Gift card winners may choose to exchange their $50 gift card for 3 e-books ($60 value).
Investor's Choice Awards

Our Venture Capitalist Judges Panel will vote on the following award categories:

Best App:
  • Gold Medal (1st place). 
    $500 plus choice of Adobe Flash Builder Premium or Logitech Revue.

  • Silver Medal (2nd place). 
    Logitech Revue.

  • Bronze Medal (3rd place).
    $50 Gift Card.
Most Disruptive: $50 Gift Card.

Best Mash-up: $50 Gift Card.

Most Market-Ready in 2 Days:  $50 Gift Card.

Most Fun: $50 Gift Card.

Sponsor's Choice Awards

Best Use of PayPal APIs
Sponsored by PayPal
  • Eligibility: Anyone who uses the PayPal API in their app is automatically entered in the category.

  • Prize: A LiveScribe digital pen for each member of the winning team (for a team of no more than 10 people.)
Best Use of Tropo APIs
Sponsored by Tropo
  • Eligibility: Anyone who uses the Troop API in their app is automatically entered in the category.

  • Prize: An Amazon Kindle and $100.
People's Choice Awards

The audience will vote on the following award categories:

Best App: 
  • 1st Place.
    $500 plus either Adobe Flash Builder Premium or Logitech Revue.

  • 2nd Place.
    Logitech Revue.

  • 3rd Place.
    $50 Gift Card.
Best UI Design: $50 Gift Card.

Best App Design: $50 Gift Card.

Most Creative: $50 Gift Card.

Best Google TV-Compatible App: $50 Gift Card.

Best Mobile Web App: $50 Gift Card.

Best Tablet App: $50 Gift Card.

Coolest App: $50 Gift Card.