Classroom Website Creation Workshop


You will leave this workshop with your own classroom website that will be a landing page for all future e-Learning. All Andrean teachers will use the same template for the main page but all other pages can be customized to fit your needs.

The teacher template includes top header, title of page, featured image, and side navigation including picture, classes, syllabi, etc. This template is fully responsive and will look good on all devices.

The teacher websites will eventually be linked from the Andrean High School Website.


  • Mrs. Talian
    • See her Library Website
  • Mrs. Laco 
    • Note how the menu is arranged by different subjects. 
    • Homework and objectives are displayed on front page with a "widget"
  • GuitarClub  
    • Note the two YouTube videos side by side on front page. 
    • Summary of class meetings displayed on front page with a "widget"


Here are some examples that are typically on classroom websites.
  1. Contact Information
  2. Homework Assignments
  3. Calendar of Events with Test Schedule
  4. Course Syllabus/Description/Objectives
  5. Links to Online Resources
  6. Interactive web based discussions and forums
  7. Handouts
  8. Book Lists
  9. Parent Page (Parental Resources/Where to turn for help)
  10. Welcome Message that states your purpose
  11. Classroom Rules and Policies
  12. Teacher Bio/Photograph
  13. Things that showcase your class
  14. Activities to Supplement Classroom Learning
  15. Recognize Accomplishments/Awards & Recognitions (note student achievements or parents that lend a helping hand).
  16. Supply Lists


  1. After you are logged into Google, click on the "Nine Squares" and select "Soites"
  2. Create a new website with the AHS Template
    1. Click "Create" and choose "in Classic Sites"
    2. Under Templates choose "Browse the Gallery For More" and choose AndreanClassroomWebsite and click "Select"
    3. Name your site: Enter your last name and click "Create"
  3. When your website appears, click on the pencil and edit the title (Welcome section). When finished click on "Save".
  4. Click on the "Gear" icon and scroll down to Sharing and Permissions" and select anyone with the link can view, but add me as able to edit.
    1. To add me: Click on invite people and enter my name and click "Send"
For a downloadable version of the procedure CLICK HERE


  • The instructor will upload your official school photo to your webpage.
  • Customize the template to meet your needs. NOTE: Most teachers will need to contact me on how to further customize their website. If you feel comfortable doing website design I encourage you to proceed alone. But, if you get stuck on an issue for over 15-20 minutes, don't hesitate to contact me. I can usually fix things in a couple of minutes.
    • Select featured image on main page
    • Upload documents and modify pages with items from "What To Include on Website"
      • For main pages such as Syllabi, Classroom Policies, Teacher Biographies, etc.,you can either edit text directly on the page, or copy and paste from an existing document.
      • Try to avoid posting too many PDFs or word document. In some situations they are necessary, but try to create full webpages instead of forcing guests to download documents to view the content.
    • Modify the side navigation
  • Create incentives for your students to visit your website
  • The template includes a menu item for Google Classroom
    • Investigate Google Classroom and create a "pilot" class
      • The use of official Andrean students' email is required for Google Classroom
    • Create an assignment for students
    • Instruct students on how to submit assignments
    • Grade the assignments electronically
  • Teachers should pilot "eLearning" days based off their website


Google Sites 
Google sites online help: See resources for developing your site
Google sites online forum: Ask questions and search answers.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom Help Center: See resources on how Google Classroom can be used in your instruction
Google Classroom Forum:  Ask questions and search answers