Technology Integration from Edutopia

Excerpt below from the Eutopia website that explains its origin:
"The George Lucas Educational Foundation, a nonprofit operating foundation, was founded by filmmaker George Lucas in 1991. Growing up, Lucas was curious and creative – but at school, he often felt bored. Years later, after becoming a father, he once again found himself focused on schools’ untapped potential to truly engage students and inspire them to become active, lifelong learners. He decided to invest in making a difference and created the Foundation to identify and spread innovative, replicable and evidence-based approaches to helping K-12 students learn better."

The Edutopia website has a wealth of topics covering all aspect of education that you may want to explore. Of special importance to our Andrean teachers is a section on technology integration.  Visit this website to learn about the how and why to integrate technology into your classroom activities.

Below are two videos taken from the Edutopia technology integration section that are representative of the resources they offer.

An Introduction to Technology Integration

What is Blended Learning?