Responsible Use Policy


Internet access at Andrean is strictly limited to educational use.  The purpose of the Internet is to support research and education in and among academic institutions in the US by providing access to unique resources and the opportunity for collaborative work.  The use of the school’s Internet connection must be in support of education and research and consistent with the philosophy of Andrean High School.   In keeping with the mission of Andrean High School, to promote values for a lifetime, the school will instruct about and guard against inappropriate, unethical and illegal use of the Internet by any user.  As there is much content considered objectionable that is accessible via the Internet, Andrean High School has incorporated filtration systems to restrict access to such material.  However, as the Internet is ever-changing, no filtration system can block all possible objectionable material.  Users should immediately report objectionable content to a staff member for review.  The use of proxy servers or any other method of attempting to bypass the security and/or filtration systems set in place is strictly prohibited. 

Content: Transmission, downloading, uploading and/or sharing any material in violation of any US or state regulation or Andrean High School policy is prohibited whether contained on school owned property or user owned property.  This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted material, threatening, pornographic or obscene material, or material protected by trade, audio and/or video footage or photographs of Andrean High School students, employees, or the facility without express written consent from authorized personnel.  This includes off property school related events involving the same.  All communications and information accessible via the network should be assumed to be subject to being cited properly when used in research, reports, presentations, etc.

Commercial Activity: Use for commercial activities is generally not acceptable.  Andrean High School is not liable for loss or damages incurred due to a user’s participation in activities involving financial transactions.

Privileges: The use of the Internet and school owned equipment is a privilege, not a right.  The administration, faculty or staff of Andrean High School may request that a student’s use of any school computer equipment be denied.  A record of all network activity is logged and may be audited by authorized staff at any time.  Any Andrean High School user that violates any of these provisions will be subject to disciplinary action.

Guarantee: Andrean High School makes no guarantee of any kind, whether expressed or implied for the technology service it provides.  Andrean High School will not be responsible for any damages incurred.  This includes, but is not limited to loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries or service interruptions caused by negligence, errors or omissions.  Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at user’s risk.  Andrean High School specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its network.

Security: Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users.  Bring security concerns to the attention of the staff and do not demonstrate the concern to other users. Do not use another individual’s account without written permission from that individual.  Always log out of any websites you log into and always log off of the computer when you are done.  Attempts to log on to a computer, device, website or program in any method not expressly permitted will result in disciplinary action.  Any user identified as a security risk will be subject to investigation and disciplinary action.

Vandalism: Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of other users on our network or any outside network connected to the Internet, included but not limited to hacking or creation/sharing of a bot, virus, spyware, malware, scareware, ransomware etc., and/or to destroy, damage or deface equipment owned by Andrean High School.   Vandalism will be subject to disciplinary action, and may include, but is not limited to reimbursement to Andrean High School for losses.

Internet Blogging and Social Networking Etiquette: All users are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of social network etiquette.  This includes, but is not limited to: refraining from vulgarities, abusive language/wording, unwarranted tagging, publicizing private conversations and being polite. Illegal activities are strictly forbidden. Never reveal your personal address or phone number or that of other students or colleagues.  Any student who receives requests for unsolicited information will immediately report that to the supervising teacher.  That teacher will report this incident to appropriate authorities.  Anything that is posted on social resources including, but not limited to websites, blogs, forums, chat rooms, social networking site, etc. inside or outside of school that results in disruption to normal school operations and/or detrimentally impacts a fellow student, faculty or staff member, Andrean High School or Andrean’s reputation, will be subject to disciplinary action.  The Andrean administration has the right to pursue legal or civil avenues for on-campus or off-campus Internet use that disrupts the learning environment or is contrary to the principles and teaching of the Catholic Church.  While the school does not police social resources as a practice, if sites are brought to our attention by students, parents or other individuals, we reserve the right to address the behavior in line with Diocesan and school policies as well as civil laws.  Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action, which may include, but is not limited to law enforcement agencies being notified.  A violation of this policy by an employee may result in termination of employment with the Diocese.  When and where applicable, law enforcement agencies may be notified of any violations of the spirit or letter of this policy.

Social Networking / Interaction Between Students & Employees: Students will refrain from interacting with school employees on social networking sites, including, but not limited to: Facebook and Twitter on a personal level.  This includes posting and the process of adding them as a friend.  E-mail communication from a student to an employee, if necessary, may only be directed to an employee’s email account.  Replies from an employee, if any, will only come from their email account.

School Issued Email Accounts: Email addresses issued by Andrean High School are considered the property of the school, including the content within. Users of the Andrean High School email system are not guaranteed privacy.  While the school does not intend to police email, under certain circumstances, authorized personnel may conduct actions that include, but are not limited to restricting access or reviewing content transmitted through the system, as well as sharing of information with appropriate administration or legal authorities.

User Owned Electronic Devices: Andrean prides herself in being innovative and flexible.  As the trend toward “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) increases, so does the need to enhance security of the school’s network.  Although participation in BYOD is voluntary, it is wholly subject to the Internet & Technology Acceptable Use Policy. The incorporation of devices in an organized and academic manner is permitted subject to teacher rejection.  An Indiana state law was enacted that gives school systems the right to prohibit students in their district from possessing and using cellular phones and pagers as well as similar electronic devices on school property during school hours.  Andrean has a right to use violations of this policy as a basis for disciplinary action.  In addition to following policies, common sense should be exercised with use of devices including cameras built into devices, as well as the capability of text messaging, Internet access, etc. Policies will be enforced with great care and severity through the Discipline Code.