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My 59er

FIRST TIME USERS: Use your one time Activation Code to create your account, after which you will see a red tab in the upper left corner of the page that says REGISTRATION REQUIRED above your child(ren)'s name. (This can only be done in a PARENT account.) Please click on the REGISTRATION REQUIRED link and complete the quick registration process. This will enable you to see information such as the schedule, locker assignment and other information.


IF YOU FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD OR USER NAME, please click the appropriate link underneath the login area, then check the email you connected your account to for a temporary password. (IMPORTANT: Check your spam folder if you do not receive a response within a few minutes. If you still receive no response, please email for assistance.)

If you need to discuss anything related to schedules, tuition or anything not related to online registration / activation, please call the school's Main Office at 219-887-5959.

PARENTS - IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN ACTIVATION CODE and it is not in your spam folder, we either have no email address on file for you or it is not valid. Please email with the name of your child(ren) and grade level as well as the email address(es) we should have in the system. 

STUDENTS - Your activation code is sent to your AHS email account. Even though you have received an activation code, the system will not allow access to you until a parent has completed the online registration process. If your parents did not receive their activation code, please ask them to email with the information we need. 

INCOMING FRESHMAN & OTHER NEW STUDENTS - RDS activation codes for your own personal student account will be emailed to your school email account. Until you receive login information to access your email and then your RDS account, only your parents will have access to your information.