Vision of ITS

Vision Statement

Andrean High School believes that we must provide every student with access to information and technology in order to prepare them to be life-long learners and develop the necessary skills for living and working in the 21st century. Our aim is to have teachers digitally empower diverse learners to connect, communicate and collaborate through a rich environment of technology being integrated into daily classroom instruction.

Andrean is committed to providing the core fundamentals for effective media and technology education. These core elements include:
  • Building and communicating a shared, community-based vision that prepares students to live and work in the 21st century.
  • Creating powerful 21 Century learning environments using research-based strategies that effectively use technology to instill the skills of Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity in our students.
  • Effectively integrating information and technology literacy standards into all areas of the school curriculum through a collaborative model.
  • Providing ongoing and sustained professional development for all staff in order to achieve educator proficiency with effective teaching and learning practices.
  • Adequate funding to ensure sufficient technology resources.
  • Equitable and robust access to technology for all students, staff, and community members.

How Instructional Technology Contributes

  • Technology is a component of 21st century learning, and a support to achieving the other components of 21st century learning
  • Being proficient in technology is a common expectation in the work world
  • Our students are digital natives: technology is a part of their everyday experiences
  • Technology is a platform through which we can further engage and support our students
  • Our technology focuses on providing a safe environment for students
  • Technology is the platform through which we communicate with families on a routine basis in varied ways
  • Staff needs to be trained on how technology can be used for instructional delivery to meet the diverse needs of our students