Welcome to Instructional Technology Services (ITS)

The Department of Instructional Technology Services (ITS) was established in the summer of 2016. Its primary goal is to strategically use technology to increase student achievement in the core curricular areas. The establishment of ITS is only the first step of our journey towards transforming our instruction through technology.

From a Technical Perspective, ITS…

  • Provides internet access to all students and staff through our Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Area Network (WAN)
  • Manages all telecommunications and telephone services
  • Manages firewalls and content filters to protect our students from obscene or harmful content over the Internet
  • Provides computer access for staff and students through desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other computing devices
  • Provides email service to all staff
  • Provides support to multiple software and database systems used by our departments and staff for high quality school operations
  • Manages safety systems
  • Provides training and support for the successful implementation of instructional technology in the 21st century learning environment
"We need to consider technology like we think about oxygen in the air: totally invisible and completely necessary." 

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Technology Advisory Committee

Andrean High School is looking for members to serve on the Technology Advisory Committee.

We invite parents, teachers, staff, and students to join together to create a shared vision, establish technology goals, update yearly technology plan, and set timelines for initiatives.
If interested, email technology@andreanhs.com