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A Message from the Principal

CHARGER PRIDE is something that all Long Pond School faculty and staff have been focusing on since the beginning of the school year.  Students have been recognized by their teachers with "Charger Cash" tickets whenever they were observed demonstrating a CHARGER PRIDE characteristic (caring, honest, accountable, respectful, generous, empathetic, responsible, personable, reliable, idealistic, dedicated, energized).  Teachers also recognize one of their colleagues each month for demonstrating the same characteristics. Teachers recognized to date:

September- Mrs. Silvernail

October- Mrs. Posser

Novemebr- Mr. LaBarge

December- Mrs. Garman

January- Mrs. Sajdak

Charger Pride Challenge- I kindly ask every parent and family  to share a positive experience they encountered this year with a teacher, support staff, administrator or coach at Long Pond School.  I would like to share these responses with the faculty and staff at a faculty meeting when we return from the winter break.  CLICK HERE to send an anonymous post.

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Bryan J. Fleming

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