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By: Madison Dietrich

Teenage Alcohol Problems 

By: Ashley Celis

Hannah Childress


Hannah Childress

                                                                          Madison Dietrich

Jade Duncan

High School Hockey Player Falls To Ice, Dies

Hannah Childress

Madison Dietrich

Why It's Smart to Be Bilingual
Dustin Schomburg

School News

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 Anderson Band
By: Dustin Schomburg
December 16, 2011--The Anderson-Shiro band played a Christmas concert at the school at 7:00pm Thursday night the 15th of December. 
    They had a swell performance playing The Force of March, Fantasio, December Sky (which is a slow soothing song) and ended with The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
    The JR high beginning band had a good performance as well. The band had the performance wishing every one a great holiday and to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Students Help Feed the Brazos Valley

BY: Hannah Childress

December 9, 2011--Over the last two weeks the students at Anderson Shiro have been rapidly collecting cans. A tradition of the Junior Historians, the canned food drive was once again a great success this year. A prize for the 2nd period class who collected the most cans was a pizza party, which added a fun competition vibe to this wholesome cause. 

    On Wednesday, December 7th, the Jr. Historians and the FCCLA took a trip out to Mid-South Synergy to sort cans, and help their community. The day ended with a warm cup of hot chocolate for these freezing volunteers. Keep up the great work Owls!

FFA Competition

By: Madison Dietrich

November 11, 2011--On Monday November 7, 2011 the Anderson-Shiro FFA traveled to Franklin, Texas to compete in the District LDE meet. The teams have been practice almost every morning before school to prepare for this competition.

The following teams placed first and will be advancing to the area competition: Senior Chapter Conducting and Job Interview. Also, the teams that placed second will be advancing to area: Senior Skills Team and Junior Skills Team.

The teams advancing to area and will compete at Blinn College in Brenham on Saturday, November 20, 2011. Please wish all the teams good luck. 

If any of the team place first or second they will be able to advance to the state competition at Sam Houston State University, on Saturday December 3, 2011.

Playoffs for Volleyball!

By: Casey Bailey

October 28, 2011--The volleyball girls have had a great season with a 10-2 season. 

    The Lady Owls have made it to the playoffs yet again this year. On Thursday the 27th of October the Lady Owls will travel to Livingston to play Huntington for the warm-up game of the playoffs. 

    The players have worked very hard to get to this point every year. Come out and support your Fighting Lady Owls at their first playoff game of the season.

    With the support of the most dedicated fans of the Lady Owls, John Lookadoo and Billy Zdunkawicz, the Lady Owls are destined to go far and win big!

See You at The Pole
                                                                     By: Ashley Celis 

September 30, 2011--On Wednesday, September 28th, many Anderson-Shiro FCA members along with Anderson-Shiro students gathered at our school flagpole. They were gathering in support of students who are wishing to express their faith in a safe and supportive environment. As the students stood encircling our flagpole, some shouted out prayers, thankful messages, or even asked for guidance. This nationwide event was very successful here at Anderson-Shiro. I hope that it continues to attract more people every year and become one of this school's valued traditions. 

By: Ashley Celis

September 2, 2011--School has started and clubs and organizations are back for the 2011- 2012 school year. Including that of an organization that has been on hiatus here at Anderson-Shiro since the 2007-2008 school year known as FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This organization was recommenced by Logan Kroll and Tori Wisnoski with the help of sponsor Brandon Holland. 
   FCA members will participate in activities such as Aggie Game Day, See You at the Pole, and Fields of Faith. When asked what FCA ment to her, Kroll replied, "Students who love Christ come together to support their faith and their school." Kroll wants to "show students that many times they only depend on themselves to win but they need God, too." By the end of the school year Kroll would like FCA to be an official organization at Anderson-Shiro and hope that FCA will carry on for many years to come. 
  Unlike its title you do not have to be in athletics to participate in FCA. There are athletes other than those who play on courts such as academic athletes. FCA welcomes anyone who wants to join. Their meetings are in Mr. Holland's classroom, room 137, on Mondays during lunch. FCA hopes to see you there!

Veterans Day
By:Ashley Celis 

This past November, Anderson- Shiro High School hosted their traditional Veterans Day ceremony. 
Student Council was organizing the event as well as making veterans feel at home. This years ceremony was a great experience for all the new veterans that attended and a  warm welcome back for regular attendants. 
This past Veterans Day was a major success and a joy to be apart of. 

 Concert and Symphonic Band Reunite For Fall Concert!
                  By: Amanda Burns

October 28, 2011--Concert and Symphonic bands has been working hard getting things ready for the band concert at Anderson-Shiro CISD. Mr. Jesse Warmenen has been working hard with his band and doing everything that he can to make that night perfect. 

    Rehearsal was held yesterday, October 26, 2011, and the concert was held on October 27, 2011. 

    The fall concert is about sharing the Halloween feeling and bringing a hello welcome to fall. Symphonic and Concert bands has been working super hard from practicing in practice room's or working with Mr. W himself. 

   He may get angry because the students couldn't hit a high note, but if it wasn't for Mr. W taking the time to work with us and show us on how it sounds and suppose to be, we wouldn't be ready. However, Anderson-Shiro has a wonderful band teacher who is willing to give his own time to work with symphonic and concert bands, we are ready as can be to play at the fall concert. 

   Come out and watch the Symphonic and Concert bands at Anderson-Shiro  and cheer the band members on and congratulate them for all the hard work that the band had to do to prepare for the concert!

Anderson Shiro FCA Cheers on Aggies at Annual Aggie Game Day  By:Hannah Childress

September 23, 2011--The Anderson Shiro Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), traveled to College Station on Saturday, September 17th to be a part of Aggie Game Day. This event is held annually as a gathering of young athletes to fellowship with others who share the same beliefs.  

            The day began with lunch provided by Chick-fil-A, followed by a worship rally with speakers such as Skyler Collins, of the 2011 national championship women’s basketball team, Oscar Martinez, a Texas A & M track star, and Wade Hopkins, a former NFL player. As the worship rally concluded, the game began. 

            Texas A & M took on the Idaho Vandals, where they quickly cleared them out. 

            “Being able to connect with my fellow classmates was the best part of this trip. We really came together through Christ’s love in a fun way," says 10th grader Ashley Celis, who was one of the 14 students who had the pleasure of attending. Celis also stated, “I think trips like this show students in FCA that being a student who professes a faith can be very fun, which we saw on Saturday. I also think its great to know that even in the rush of high school, the rest of our FCA program is always there to have our back." This trip was a great success, and FCA looks forward to outings to come! 

By: Amanda Burns
September 30, 2011--FCCLA is a good service organization and great for group work. FCCLA stands for Family,Career, and Community Leaders America. 
    FCCLA has been at Anderson-Shiro for 6 years.Meetings are held in Mrs.Jackson's room during lunch, and the meetings would be the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  FCCLA holds many cool opportunities to help people out, for example FCCLA helps out with the Sock Drive, collecting socks for homeless, and we also show our support with crazy sock day  held on December 15, 2011. 
     Another way FCCLA helps the community is with the contest for collecting "drink tabs" for Ronald McDonald House in Houston. FCCLA also helps with senior dinner and other cool and fun things.
   So if you would like to join FCCLA swing by Mrs.Jackson's room and have $20 and enjoy the fun and interesting things that lie ahead of you. Don't forget your FCCLA t-shirts $12 each as well participation in FCCLA's  Secret Santa!  

Red Ribbon Week!

By: Casey Bailey

October 20, 2011--For red ribbon week there are five different days for you to have the opportunity to dress up and say no to drugs. Each day there is different theme for drug awareness week. 

    Monday is Give Drugs The Boot, make sure you wear your  boots. Tuesday is Say Peace Out to Drugs, so that means wear your tie-dye. Ms. Hausmann will be staying after school on Thursday, Friday and Monday for whomever needs a tie-dye shirt. All you have to do is bring a white t-shirt to school for tie-dying! 

   Wednesday will be Put A Cap On Drugs, so wear your caps. Thursday is Black Out Drugs, dress in all black to support Red Ribbon Week. Then for Friday the theme is Team Up Against Drugs, and wear your team jerseys and/or sportswear. 

    Try to dress out all week to support your Student Council because they are the ones that make it possible for all of the student body to be able to participate in such activities. Also dress up to support the cause and say No To Drugs!

Straight Way
By: Casey Bailey

December 16, 2011--The Straight Way group came to Anderson-Shiro on Monday and performed their production over the way loss and separation can effect the people around them. 
    They also teach how the people around them can cope with problems such as: alcohol, sex, drugs, and death. The group sang and danced to the music that they or someone else in their group have written.
    Straight Way shared stories about their childhood and what happened to their family. One of the people had a little brother that had a condition that no other baby has survived and he did. 
    The Straight Way group showed the Anderson-Shiro school how to deal with the happenings of life and what can happen in life. 

Student Council Sings To Brenham State School Residents

By: Ashley Celis 

December 16, 2011--On Wednesday, December 21, Student Council members will be traveling to Brenham State School to sing carols and pass out decorated christmas cards to the special needs people who live there. 

This organization participated in this event last year and are continuing the tradition. Many members of student council find it a rewarding experience and a great opportunity to serve their community. 

Student Council can't wait to visit Brenham State School and put a smile on the faces of others during this holiday season.  

Basketball Season is Finally Here!!!!!

        By:Amanda Burns

November 11, 2011--Basketball season is finally here and the Owls are prepared to take on the season. 
   The Owls and Lady Owls have been working hard during and after school,  practicing and improving.  They want to insure they are prepared for any team they play against.
    Coach Davis coaches the Lady Owls and has been there with them for every practice. Coach Treston and the Owls have been working hard, and will hopefully win every game.
 Good luck Anderson-Shiro basketball players, don't give up and finish this season strong!

Student Council
 By: Amanda Burns& Tina Glenn

September 9, 2011--At Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High School we have many fun, cool clubs and extra-curricular activities that you can join and have lot's of fun in, but nothing can beat Student Council! 
   Student Council is a great extra-curricular event to join, because it's not like most other clubs this one helps people. The most awesome part of all, while helping people, you get to meet new people. 
   "We do a lot of service type stuff. Veterans' Day Assembly, Red Ribbon week, and sing for residents at Brenham State School." stated Miss Hausmann, on what Student Council is. It's basically a group of students who feel service is important, and a really good group of kids who like to give a helping hand. 
   Student Council has been at Anderson-Shiro for 20 years, and hopefully many more to count. If you are interested in joining feel free to come to a meeting and join. There is a  $15 membership fee but it is worth it!

Mouse Trap Cars

By: Casey Bailey
September 16, 2011--At Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High School Mr. Cody Hassell decided to have a little fun with mouse traps for his physics class. Hassell said "A lot of times the first section of physics isn't fun so by using this to set the stage and to do something fun and be open minded and to be ready to learn physics." Even though the project didn't work as he expected it to he said, "This is the first time I used this type of car and it wasn't as challenging to build the cars."
    Some peoples cars didn't work out as well as they hoped but for some people it did. Marisa Cooper and Jordan Craig both said, "We liked watching the cars go fast and it didn't feel like work."
    Hassell said that when he did this project last they used this project to test speed and acceleration. Also Jordan Craig said, "We learned about distance, time, speed and how they work together." 

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