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MUSC 1020 Theory 2

Theory 2 covers modes and other scales, non-harmonic tones, secondary dominants, theme and variation form and sonata-allegro form.  Most of the music and forms for the semester are drawn from music of the Classical Periodm the time of Haydn and Mozart.  In order to put into practice the concepts learned in class, six weeks of the semester will be devoted to writing a theme and variations on a hymn tune, to be composed in the Classical style for either string quartet, brass quartet, or woodwind quartet.  Students will submit one section of the project at a time which will be evaluated and returned with comments on how to make improvements.  After students have had opportunities to revise their work, the entire composition will be submitted for grading.  At the end of the semester, students will be assigned a first or fourth movement from a Mozart Symphony to analyze and, using Variations Timeliner, students will present their analysis to the class.