Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Anderson University School of Theology

Research: Hebrew Pedagogy, Women in Early Christianity



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Publications and Research
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Kimberly Majeski is a scholar, preacher and author who challenges her audiences to find the life-transforming connection between their personal story and the inspiring, ancient story of the Scriptures. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Kimberly brings a dose of Southern charm to her scholarship.  As a radio personality, conference speaker, women’s retreat leader, Bible teacher, and pastor, Kimberly captivates audiences with her ability to exposit Biblical truths through storytelling that is engaging, transparent and uplifting.

Kimberly has served in many pastoral and leadership roles in local and national contexts including Campus Pastor of Anderson University and Ministry Coordinator of Women of the Church of God. Today Kimberly writes a popular weekly blog that can be found at kimberlymajeski.com and is the founder and CEO of Stripped, Inc. a ministry to women in sex trade.

Kimberly is an ordained minister of the Church of God (affiliated Anderson,IN) and has completed post graduate education at the University of Notre Dame and the Anderson School of Theology where she obtained her doctoral degree in 2009. Kimberly currently serves as the Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Anderson University School of Theology and as a co-host for the Christians Broadcasting Hope radio program. Kimberly and her husband Kevin reside in Anderson, Indiana with their two black cats, Monkey and Henry.

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