Associate Professor of Christian Theology
Anderson University School of Theology

Dr. Gregory Robertson was reared in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) and is a second-generation Christian from Ohio. He has been a pastor of congregations in Texas and Kansas, as well as serving internationally in Canada, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama. While growing up in southwest Ohio, he learned two things about the church: that which the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) sought to embody was both scriptural but never exclusive, and God desired more than could be encompassed in any one particular tradition. Accordingly, Gregory has committed his life to seeking what God's coming Kingdom means and how this should inform and shape Christian life today as an attempt to be faithful to God's coming Kingdom. In this vein, he has found a foundational alliance in two theological traditions within which he seeks to work. As a Wesleyan scholar, he identifies John Wesley as a key conversation partner in understanding what it means to be a follower of Christ today: God is not contented with just where we might spend eternity, for God desires to shape who were are becoming today. Yet, one of Wesley's conversation partners, John Calvin and the Reformed tradition stemming from Calvin's followers, has come to be what he hopes is another faithful and fruitful conversation partner. As such, Dr. Robertson has studied one of the most influential theologians (both in terms of Protestant and Catholic theologies) of the twentieth-century, the Swiss theologian Karl Barth.  As a published author in Barth studies, Dr. Robertson seeks to further the church's understanding of whom God desires that we be. He has ongoing research in the areas of the doctrine of the Trinity and Christology.