information for AU students

The majority of states (including Indiana) require 150 hours to sit for the CPA exam.  How can you do that at Anderson University?  Your options include four years here with a master's to follow OR four intense years here OR five years here OR ???  What is best for you depends on YOU.

To help with the planning process, look to the left to find a spreadsheet entitled "Build your own" 150 hour plan.  The idea is to use this document to help you plan how to achieve this goal based on your unique situation and interests.  Note the tabs for worksheets on various requirements.

Note that state requirements to sit for the CPA exam and/or to be licensed as a CPA vary.  For example, Indiana requires 24 hours of accounting but Oklahoma requires 30 hours of accounting above principles of accounting.  Our accounting major here meets Indiana requirements but would not meet Oklahoma requirements unless you take additional courses as electives.  See the link to state requirements to check out various states.

To get you started, there is a link to see two ideas (on two Excel worksheets) for how to achieve 150 hours.

Your advisor is available to help with this process.  See Resources on the left for more information.