ANCS 2013 Conference

OCTOBER 21-22, 2013 
San Jose, CA, USA 

The Ninth ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS) will be held October 21-22 at the Hyatt Place, San Jose, CA, USA


  • Sep 2, 2013: ANCS 2013 conference program is available.
  • Sep 2, 2013: ANCS 2013 registration is available.
  • Aug 1, 2013: ANCS 2013 call for poster is available.
  • May 13, 2013: ANCS 2013 submission deadline extended.
  • May 1, 2013: ANCS 2013 submission site is available.
  • Mar 3, 2013: ANCS 2013 website is online.

Important Dates

 Early Registration September 28, 2013
 Posters - Camera-ready deadline August 30, 2013
 Papers - Camera-ready deadline September 3, 2013
 Posters - Notification of acceptance August 23, 2013
 Posters - Abstract submission deadline August 16, 2013
 Papers - Author notification August 9, 2013
 Papers - Full paper submission deadline May 26, 2013
 Papers - Abstract submission deadline May 19, 2013
 Papers - Submission deadline May 19, 2013

Technical Scope

ANCS is a systems-oriented research conference, presenting original  work that explores the relationship between the architecture of modern  computer networks and the architecture of the individual hardware and software elements from which these networks are built. This year's  conference will particularly emphasize insight into broader systems  issues in its paper selection, to recognize and foster the growth of  research that lies at the intersection of computer and network systems architecture.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • System design for future network architectures
  • Virtualized infrastructure architectures, rationale, and devices
  • Converged router, server, and storage platforms
  • Content-centric architectures, platforms, and mechanisms
  • Scalable programming and application frameworks
  • High performance / high function packet processing platforms
  • Power- and size-optimized computer and communications platforms
  • High-speed networking mechanisms and algorithms
  • Network security architectures and security anchor/ enhancement devices
  • Single-chip platform integration
  • Network measurement techniques, architectures, and devices
  • Techniques and systems for large-scale data analysis
  • Host-network interface issues
  • Architectures for data centers and cloud computing
  • Router and switch architectures
  • Software-defined networking
  • Wireless-networking hardware and related software

Organizing Committee

 General Chair Walid Najjar University of California, Riverside, USA
 Program Chairs Raj Yavatkar Intel, USA
  Scott Rixner
Rice University, USA
 Finance Chair Michela Becchi University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
 Poster Chair Chad Meiners MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA
 Student Travel Grant Chair Danai Chasaki Villanova University, USA
 Publications Chair Xin Huang Cyan, Inc, USA
 Web Chair Da Li University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
 Local Arrangements Chair Danny Guo Facebook, USA


ANCS 2013 is sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF), the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture (SIGARCH), the ACM Special Interest Group on Communications (SIGCOMM), IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Architecture (TCCA) and Cisco Systems, Inc.


Web Chair: Da Li