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http://www.kickfornick.com/ Kick For Nick.  A charity that delivers soccer balls to children in Iraq in memory of Nick Madaras, a Wilton native who was killed in Iraq in 2006.

http://www.saslsoccer.com  Shoreline Adult Soccer League.  Consists of Over-30 and Over-40 (Masters) Leagues, each with multiple promotion-relegation style divisions.  The Ancient Warriors currently play in the Masters Division 2.

http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/lawsofthegame.html  Shockingly, many players have never actually read the rules.  Highly recommended for all players and fans.

http://www.soccerandrugby.com/  Soccer and Rugby Imports in Ridgefield (with another store in Southport).  The Ancient Warriors Kit (all white adidas United home, blue adidas United shirt/socks away) was sourced here.  Ask for Gus and tell him the Ancient Warriors sent you.

Youth Soccer

http://polskanorwalk.com/  Polska Norwalk.  3 of the Ancient Warriors formed and coach a Youth Soccer team.  4 of our players have children playing on that team.

http://wilton.soccer.info  Wilton Soccer Association.  1 Ancient Warrior and two spouses are on the Board.  Many of our kids play on WSA teams, both Intramural and Travel.  The genesis of the Ancient Warriors was from 5 players whose boys played on the U-11 team that won the State Cup in Fall 2006.

http://beachsidesoccer.com/beachside_home.html  Beachside Connecticut.  3 of the Ancient Warriors have current players at Beachside, 1 has a son who played on their teams through High School.  Several of our players' children have participated in their Beachside Juniors program.

http://www.evertonamericact.com/  Everton America FC.  2 Ancient Warriors have children playing on Everton America youth teams.