There is no better time than now to begin preserving your family history and exploring your heritage.  Although this may sound a bit cliché, it is also true.

Many people don’t think about preserving documents and collecting information from their parents and grandparents, other relatives and old family friends until it is too late.

Ancestors & Cousins can help!  

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Why Use Ancestors & Cousins?

If you are going to hire a genealogist, why not hire the one that professional genealogists hire?  Ancestors & Cousins has been consulted and hired by a number of other, very experienced and well respected professional genealogists to successfully solve problems for them.

Discovering your genealogical history, or locating unknown or forgotten cousins or long-lost friends, can be fun, exciting, and rewarding.  It can also be incredibly frustrating.  

Most people lack the time, resources, and training necessary to locate and acquire the relevant records required to make the correct genealogical connections.  They also lack the experience necessary to do so quickly and accurately.

Professional genealogists can spend considerable time correcting erroneous data in homemade genealogies.

Researching your family history on your own can:

·         Be time consuming;

·         Require access to numerous databases; and,

·         Require access to various archives and other depositories.

Amateur researchers frequently reach incorrect conclusions due to insufficient or misleading evidence, resulting in dead ends, genealogies filled with erroneous generations, and unnecessary expenses.  Ancestors & Cousins have even corrected incorrect conclusions and clarified misleading evidence for professional genealogists.

With Ancestors & Cousins, you can be confident that your results will be accurate.

Our Experience Shows!

Ancestors & Cousins is backed by more than 25 years of experience in genealogical research.

Ancestors & Cousins have:

·         Compiled extensive genealogies;

·         Uncovered hidden records that have confounded others (including other professional genealogists!);

·         Breached brick walls to resolve dead-ends;

·         Located heirs; and,

·         Found distant cousins and long-lost friends around the world!

Here are some testimonials.

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