Full-length Plays

The Morrigan

Full production, Trinity High School
River Forest, IL, March 2019, directed by Pat Henderson

Iron Age Ireland, the legend of Cuchulainn...

Welles and Wells
work in progress
Orson Welles and HG Wells are in San Antonio, Texas on the same day in 1940, on separate lecture tours.
Orson comes to HG's hotel room to ask a favor on a rainy night.

The God Who Drowned in the River
work in progress

Emperor Hadrian's love for the the young Antinous, who drowned in the Nile,
after which Hadrian made him a god...

They Are Distant
Chicago Dramatists First Draft Series 2018, work in progress.

When Colleen comes to Paris in 1961 to apply for an internship at the Embassy, she learns
her mother was a courier for the Resistance whose last documents were never recovered.
Soon Colleen finds herself embroiled in a hunt for an escaped Nazi known as the Gargoyle...

The Death of Captain Hero
Reading at Waukegan Theatre Festival, directed by Kyle McCloskey, August, 2016
Reading at Available Light Theatre Next Stage Initiative New Play Festival 2015
Reading at Three Cat Productions Next Draft Series 2015
First place winner, The Chameleon Theatre Circle 14th Annual New Plays Festival
Reading directed by Duck Washington, September, 2013 (photos from this reading)
Semifinalist, the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights’ Conference 2013
Semifinalist, Princess Grace Award 2017

...When the lead actor of a Saturday morning cartoon show dies a scandalous death,
the head writer would like to give him a heroic send-off.
But it's against FCC regulation to kill-off a character on a Saturday morning cartoon.

The Sound
Semifinalist, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference 2017
Screenplay version optioned by Phynk Film Industries 2017
Photo from short video starring Heather Meibach and Bruce Whitten 2009

...A couple is driven to the edge of madness by a mysterious sound that comes into a new apartment.
Their relationship changes when Dom realizes the sound goes away if Suzy just stays in the corner...



Reading by Three Cat Productions, September 2018

Semifinalist, Garry Marshall Theatre New Works Festival, 2018

Two psychologists do experiments on social media, with frightening consequences...

Charlie Johnson Reads All of Proust
Reading of opening by Dandelion Theatre-- Make Ready Series, Chicago, February 2018
Reading at Jarvis Square Pottery, Chicago, June 2018
Reading at the Broadway Theatre of Pride Arts Center, Chicago, October 2018
Full production at The Den Theatre, Chicago, January 2019

When 75-year old Charlie Johnson dips a Madeleine in his coffee at Starbucks, his snooty daughter-in-law gives
him a little lecture about Proust. To prove he's no dummy, he reads it all and discovers the epic of his own life...
The Last Sane Man
Reading by Piccolo Theatre, Evanston, IL, directed by Tabbi Koller, March 25, 2017
Reading by Spartan Theatre Company, directed by Natalie Sallee, June 4 and 5, 2016
Reading at Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series, directed by Bec Willett, February 20, 2016

...A shy college student meets a young man with a theory: insanity is caused by a virus that's
gradually spreading around the globe. As she observes the crazy world around us,
she starts to wonder if he is right.

Poet and Warrior
Reading at Greenhouse Theatre, directed by Charlie Marie McGrath, 2014 and August 11, 2015 
Reading at Prop Theatre, September, 2018
...Thirty years in the relationship between William Butler Yeats and revolutionary Maud Gonne.
Production at The Corn-servatory, directed by Pat Henderson, November, 2017
Reading at Ann Arbor Community Theatre “The Play’s the Thing” 2015
Reading at Creative Studio Space, February 2009
This drawing was commissioned from Mary Ann Rohn.

...Leda, captured in the Peloponnesian War, is seduced by a man claiming to be Zeus in disguise.

Locked Ward
Reading by Three Cat Productions New Works Festival directed by T. Paul Lowry, January, 2014
Reading at Creative Studio Space, 2009

....When a nurse is apparently murdered in a psych ward, the patients must hold
themselves together to solve the mystery.
One, Ten, and Fifteen Minute Plays

Sell the House
Second City Training Center Level 5 Show, directed by Mary Scruggs 2008

Chicago Dramatists Ten Minute Workshop, directed by Keira Fromm 2011

Fading Away
Women’s Theatre Alliance Bechdel Test Show, 
directed by Patricia Tinsley 2013

The Waiting Room
F.A.C.T. Theatre Company, New York 2013

Finalist, Fusion Theatre’s  “The Seven” 2013

Buddha’s Birthday
Chicago Dramatists Scene Shop Showcase, directed by Patrick Kenney 2014

Trellis at the Greenhouse “One Page, One Word” 2014
Trellis at the Greenhouse, “One Page, One Word” 2014
Between Here and Our Destination
“The Other Side of Christmas,” Three Cat Productions, 
Directed by Jason Smith, December-January, 2014-15
Page Ten
First Place Winner, The Chameleon Theatre Circle’s 15th Annual New Plays Festival 2014

Between Here and Our Destination: Five Short Plays by Amy Crider
Produced by the Saugatuck Variety Players, Michigan, 2015 

Plays performed:
Between Here and our Destination
Buddha’s Birthday
Fading Away
Terry and Terry
The Madison Writers’ Meet-Up
Keeping Up

Chicago One Minute Play Festival 2016

20% Theatre Snapshots Festival, August 2016

Pre-Existing Condition
Chicago One Minute Play Festival 2017

Facebook Angel

Chicago One Minute Play Festival 2018

Stewards of the Earth

Dandelion Theatre "The Make Ready" series, June, 2018

Lean Scenes

Yippie Fest, Prop Theatre, Chicago, August, 2018

Ten short plays: A Cup of Tea, Pre-Existing Condition, I Value Your Opinion, Sue,

Littering, The Witch, Agnes, A Review of Waiting for Godot for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle,

Facebook Angel, Klingon

“If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for.” 
― Alice Walker