Virtual Teaching

Google Hangout/Video
  • Put on that Virtual Smile with Hangouts
  • Office Hours via 'Google Chat' and then 'Hangouts'
  • Calendar ~ Video Call ~ use this as your 'meetup'
Doctopus for 'Collaboration Projects'
Appointment Scheduler ~ Schedule Once $ or YouCanBookMe (free) or Appointment Slots

UDL & Virtual Education ~ Perfect Parnters

Multiple Means of Expressions (demonstrate understanding)
  • Be creative!  Google Draw, Slide Show, Movie, Magazine Article
  • Snagit, WeVideo and MoveNote
  • VoiceThread
Multiple Means of Representation
  • Written lessons (up to date, supporting links and video)
  • Screenshots with annotations
  • ChromeVox (read the pages to you)
  • Snagit, Screencastify and MoveNote
  • Google Hangout on Air as a Podcats
    • How to set your YouTube Channel to Private/Unlisted
Multiple Means of Engagement
  • Choice ~ Collaborate or Not
  • Meetups Flexibility with 'technology of choice'
    • Google Hangouts Phone & Computer Video Chat
  • Discussion based assessments ~ 'talking points' vs. 'quiz questions'
  • Use Canned Responses to send 'positive' feedback, 'inactivity alerts', upcoming meetup overviews, collaboration information, etc
  • Have assignments shared from the start 
  • Use commenting for formative assessment 
  • There's always a second submission ~ if you have not provided formative assessment and feedback you cannot provide summative assessment, grade, feedback.