Treasure Trove's (GAFE) Greatest Hits 2015

Here is a collection of favorite features, tips and tricks from the Treasure Trove Series.    Google Apps for Education is a Treasure Trove of Opportunity with endless uses to use countless applications with just 1 login and password!  So many features go unnoticed, unknown and/or underutilized unless you stumble upon them or someone points them out.  In these hours of power, you'll discover what made to the  'greatest hits' list!  The objective is that you will leave with useful things you can put to use immediately.  Scroll down to see what is included in each session.
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Greatest Hits Volume 2: Leading & Learning

21st Century Research
Drawing for Everyone ~ Whiz Bang Draw
PBL with Sites
Forms for Inquiry, Formative, Feeback & More!

Greatest Hits Volume 1: Communication & Productivity


Calendar 21st Century Meetings
  • New Templates via Docs, Sheets & Slides
  • Keep ~ To Do’s, Shared Project Lists, Notes, Etc.
Forms Add On!