Training Registration

Calendar Tues, Jan 19 and Thurs, Feb 7

Google Calendar is an MVP in NewApps.  In this session we'll give you a closer look at the interface, show you how to modify settings (customize), create events, create and manage invitations, create and share calendars and add 'Labs.'  Register for either date here!

Drive Tues, Feb 12 and Tues, Feb 19

Google Drive is where you create and share your 'documents' in the cloud.  No longer will you be tethered to a specific computer or network.  Upload and convert your docs to Drive and access your documents anytime, anywhere, on ANY computer! In this session you will get a closer look at drive, learn how to upload and convert files, create and organize your files, share and collaborate and print.  In this Drive training you'll go from 0 to 60 in minutes!  Register for either date here.

'Docs' Thurs, March 7 & Tues, March 12

Documents in Google Drive have some features that are familiar to Microsoft Word but so much more.  In this 'basics' session you will learn how to create a document, basic formatting, insert images, drawings, hyperlinks, tables and bookmarks.  You will also learn about the 'Research Tool' and other ways to use Google Docs in your classroom.  Register for either date here.

Spreadsheet Tues March 19 & March 26

Like Google Docs the Google Spreadsheet has many similar features and functions as 'Excel.'  Google Spreadsheets take it to the next level, allowing you to share and collaborate in real time making maintaining integrity a snap.  This introductory tutorial will show you how to get started with the 'basics' of spreadsheet using a 'spending' chart as an example.  Take away knowledge that you can apply to business or classroom use in the cloud.  Register for either date here!

Presentation (aka 'Slides) Tues, April 2 & Thurs, April 4

You have already learned how to upload and convert those existing PowerPoint presentations to the cloud.  Now it is time to learn how to 'create' one from scratch.  In this 'slides' tutorial, learn how to create and name a presentation, customize a presentation, format slides, create animations and slide transitions, as well as format and share.  Register for either date here.

Forms, Tues April 9 & April 16

Google Forms are the gem in Drive.  You can use Google Forms for surveys, assessment, and more.  In this basics session you will learn how to create an customize a form, create questions, customize your response, collect the data and view the results.  Once you have this under your belt you will be ready to learn even more Google Form 'magic' such as creating 'self correcting quizzes.'  Register for either date here.