Three Day Academy

General Description:
The three day Cloud Camp Academy featuring Google for Education can be attended as a three day, progressive workshop or as individual days to meet individual professional goals.

Attend full three days, Pass Google Educator Level 1 Exam or Submit Portfolio with Reflection to earn to earn 1 Graduate credit. (15+ seat hours)
Attend Day 1 & 2, Submit a Google Site Portfolio and Reflection (12 Seat hours plus 3 extended activity hours)
Attend Day 2 and 3 and Pass Google Educator Level 1 & 2 Exams to earn 1 Graduate Credit. (12 seat hours plus 3 extended activity hours).

Day 1: Meet Google Apps for Edu

Prerequisite:  gMail or Google Apps Account

Description:  This day is for beginners who have just started using Google Apps but have never received any instruction.  Tame your inbox and configure your gMail settings, begin using your Google calendar to organize your appointments, meetings and tasks, and finally, meet your 'office' in the Cloud aka Google Drive which allows you to work on Documents, Spreadsheets, Slideshow, and more in one location ~ Google Drive, all part of that one gMail account.  One account, one login, one password, endless uses, anytime, anywhere. 
  • Gmail is More than Email
  • Calendars for Communication & Efficiency
  • Drive is your 'Office' in the Cloud
    • Creating Documents
    • Creating Sheets
    • Creating Slides
    • Creating a Form
    • Creating a Drawing

Day 2:  Apply In the Classroom

Prerequisite:  Working Knowledge of gMail, Calendar, and Google Drive or has attended Day  1 of Cloud Camp Academy.

Description:  This day will be presented with the educator in mind that has an understanding of how gMail, Drive and Calendar work.  'How to access or create' will not be included.  Focusing on easy to apply uses of innovative ways to use the Google Suite of tools for a variety approaches to learning.
  • Hangouts for Professional Discussions
  • Proactive & Efficient Meetings with Calendar
  • The Data Process: Collect, Analyze, Publish
  • Collaborative Slides for Learning
  • Paperless Research Process
  • Forms for Assessment, Reflection & More

Day 3:  Learn to Lead

Prerequisite:  Advanced Classroom application of Google Drive, Classroom, Calendar, Sites and gMail OR attend Day 2 of Cloud Camp Academy.

Description:  This day will begin with exploration into fully utilizing and customizing a YouTube Channel for curating and sharing.  With screen recording apps, learn how to create single screen casts or a series as part of a course or unit of study.  Then, select the option to finalize your academy experience by populating your Google Portfolio site with artifacts and reflection OR taking the Google Educator Level 1 Exam.
  • You Tube Channel
  • Screencasting & Publishing
  • Creating Your Portfolio Site
  • Google Educator Exam