4 Animations & Transitions

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Action:  Apply animation to the bulleted list (object 1) and image (object 2) on slide 2.  Apply transitions to all slides.

4 Animations & Slide Transitions

Animations are helpful way to make your slides look more dynamic. They’re also a great way to reveal text or objects on a slide one step at a time. For example, you could have five bullet points of text, and reveal them one-by-one on the slide with each click.

In this lesson, you can apply an animation to your text box and image for Slide 2.

4.1  Add Animation  to 1st Object (Text)
1.  Click on the slide 2 you want to apply animation to (in this case, slide 2)
2.  Click the object you want to animate first (in this case the text box on Slide 2)
3.  In the Animations menu on the right, click on +Add Animation
4.  Choose an action (fade in, for example)
5.  When do you want it to happen - on click or after previous action?
6.  Set the speed.
7.  Click "Play" to preview

Add Animation to second object (the image on slide 2) by selecting the second object and following the directions above.  Click play to preview.

4.2 Add a Slide Transition
1.  Click on Slide>Change Transition
2.  Select how you would like it to appear - such as fade in or fly in. 
3.  Select the Speed Setting.
4.  Apply to All Slides (recommended)

4.1 Add Animation