3 Insert Images

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Action:  Add images to your Content Slide.

3.3 Insert an Image - on Slide 2 from your computer
1. Click on Insert>Image
2. With 'upload' selected navigate to an image on your computer that you would like to insert.
3. Click 'choose image to upload'
4. Navigate to and select the image you want to upload and select OPEN.
5. The image will be inserted into your presentation on your currently selected slide.

To resize the image, click on a corner handle and drag inward or outward. To move, click and drag. To 'layer', right-click on the image and select 'Order'.

3.4 Insert an image on Slide 3 from 'the Web Research Tool'
The 'Research Tool' may be present to the right of your editing window. If it is not, you can access it by clicking on Tools>Research. In the research tool:
1. Select the type of search you want (Images)
2. Enter a search term.
3. Locate the image you desire
4. Click, drag, and drop to your presentation.

3.3 Insert Image from Computer

Insert Image From Research Tool