2 Create Presentation

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Action:  Customize & Add Content to Title Slide and Additional 'Content Slide' 

Creating Your 'About Me' Slide Presentation

For this tutorial you will create your 'First Google Presentation' which will include a title slide, a content slide (this will be an 'about me' slide) and a closing slide

2.1 Editing text on the slide (optional)
You can click in the existing text boxes and edit your text.
2.2 Customize the Title Slide
By default the title slide is created for you upon creating the initial presentation.  Do the following to customize your title slide.

1. Enter the title "My First Google Presentation"
2. Enter the subtitle "By Your Name"
2.3 Create a Content Slide & Enter Text (About Me)
  • Click on Slide>New Slide
  • Type your Name in the Title Text Box at the Top
  • Resize the content text box so it takes up 1/2 of the slide page.
  • Add three bullets of 'about me' 
  • Rotate/move the text box if desired.
  • Change spacing of text, if desired.

2.3 Create an End or Conclusion Slide
  • Click on the red + sign to add a new slide
  • Select a slide layout for your ending
    • Title Only ~ Good for 'The End' (move to center)
    • Caption ~ Good for Image in the center 
    • Title and Body ~ Good for Works Cited