6 Collaborate

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Action:  Leave a comment in one of your cells and setup notification rules.  - (Practice Cell/Sheet Protection - optional) 

6.1 Leave a comment

To leave a comment on a particular cell, simply click on the cell and enter a comment

6.2 Notification Rules

If you would like to receive notification each time something in the spreadsheet changes, click on Tools>Notification Rules.  Here you can select notification via email by 'any change,' 'specific sheet changes', 'specific cell ranges', when collaborators are added or removed.  You can select a 'daily digest' summarizing the changes or and individual email each time a change is made.

6.3 Protect Cells & Sheets

You can select cells and assign protection to them from all the collaborators in your sheet.
1.  Select the cells/range you want to protect.
2.  Click on Data>Named & Protected Ranges
3.  Assign a name (no spaces)
4.  Click on Protect
5.  Modify access.

Note:  You can do this with 'Sheets' as well.  Keep in mind that you can not individual access if you have shared with a group. 

6.1 Insert Comments

6.2 Set Notification Rules

6.3 Protect Cells and Sheets