4 Creating Charts

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Action:  Create and customize (and move) chart as  outlined below.  Use videos to assist.

4.1 Create a chart

You can easily create a chart of data.  It is important that you select the proper cells when creating charts.  In this exercise we will create a chart comparing the expenses between the two offices for the month of January.
1.  Select cells A3-DC7
2.  Select Insert Chart.
3.  Select the 'Charts' tab and choose 'Column'
4.  Keep this window open.   In the next lesson,  you will 'customize' the chart.

4.2 Customize the chart

1.  Click on Customize
2. In the title field, replace 'Chart Title' with January
Office Expenses.
3.  Scroll to Axis and select 'Horizontal' - and replace title with 'Expenses'.  
4.  Change to the left vertical axis and replace with 'Monthly Amount in Dollars'

Other settings:
Legend- can move and change formatting of text
Font - modify font of all chart text
Background - change background color
Features - depending on the chart type, these options will modify the chart when selected.

When you are finished customizing your chart, click on Insert.

4.3 Move Chart

Once the chart is inserted into your spreadsheet you can move it by simply click and drag and you can also resize.  If you would like to 'move to it's own sheet,' click on the arrow in the top right hand corner and select 'move to own sheet.' 

4.1 Create Chart

4.2 Customize Chart

4.3 Move & Chart Options