3 Function Basics

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Action: Add Auto Sum and Average Functions as outlined below.  Use videos to assist.

3 Function Basics

Functions are a great way to auto calculate data in a spreadsheet.   This beginning tutorial will show you how to use the AutoSum and Average function in this practice worksheet.

3.1 Using the Auto Sum Feature

To get the total of expenses for each office, we will place the 'AutoSum' function in the 'Total' cell.  
1.  Click on cell B7
2.  Select Insert>Function>Sum
3.  Click and drag over cells B4-B6.
4.  Hit Enter on your keyboard.  The total expenses for the office are auto calculated in Cell B7.
5.  Repeat this for the SE Office.

3.2 Using the Average Function

To get the 'average' for a set a data, you can use the 'average' function.  
1.  Enter 'Average Expense' in cell D3
2.  Select Cell D4.
3.  Click 'Insert>Function>Average'
4.  Highlight cells B4 and B5.  
5.  Hit ENTER on your  keyboard.

Bonus tip!  Rather than repeating this for each line, you can select cell D4 and drag down to the last cell you want 'averages' for.  Using shortcut CTRL +D you can 'fill down' and the function will be applied to each cell selected.  This saves a tremendous amount  of time.

3.1 Use Autosum Function

3.2 Use Average Function