2 Format Cells

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Action:  Merge title cells and format other cells as outlined below.  Use videos to assist.

2.1 Merge a cells

When you have long strings of data in one cell, such as a sheet title, 'merging' the cells will allow the text to easily fit across the span of the desired area.  To do this simply highlight the cells you want to merge and select the 'merge cells' icon on the formatting toolbar.
1.  Select Cells A1-C1 and merge.

2.2 Formatting text and cells

Formatting text in a spreadsheet can make it more attractive and easier to read.  
1.  Highlight 'Budget Tracker for January'
2.  Click on the Bold 'tool' on the formatting toolbar.
3.   Change the font size to 12
4.   Highlight cells B3 and C3
5.  Select Bold and Center for these headers.
5.  To 'highlight' the background of cells, select the text background tool.
6. Highlight cells A4-A7 and select a light background color.

2.3 Resizing Columns and Rows

Once you have completed formatting your spreadsheet, you may want/need to resize your columns or rows to optimize the display of your data.  
1.  To resize a column, hover over the 'header' border to the right or left of the column and when the double facing arrow line appears, click and drag.

2.1 Merge Cells

2.2 Formatting Cells