1 Create and Enter Data

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Action:  Create and name your spreadsheet and enter data as outline below.  Use videos to assist.

1.1 Create Spreadsheet

1.  Click on 'Create' in your Google Drive and select spreadsheet.
2.  Click on 'Untitled Document' at the top left to rename the document.
3.  Name this document 'Budget Tracker'

1.2. Enter Data into your 'Spending' Worksheet

Follow these directions to enter the data into your spending worksheet.  
Cell A1:  Budget Tracker for January
Cell B3:  NE Office
Cell C3:  SE Office
Cell A4:  Rent
Cell A5:  Fuel
Cell A6:  Utilities
Cell A7:  Total
Cell B4:  2200
Cell C4:  1800
Cell B5:  1200
Cell C5:  800
Cell B6:  450
Cell C6:  575

1.1 Create and Enter Data

1.2 Create and Enter Data