Sheets for Leading & Learning

1  Create & Enter Data  | 2 Format Cells | 3 Function Basics  | 4 Creating Charts  |  5 Share  |  6 Collaborate  |  7 Print & Export

Artifact: You will create a new spreadsheet, enter/format data, add functions, create chart, share, & apply collaboration tools.

Using Spreadsheets in Google Drive

Google Spreadsheets can be used as a 'cloud' version of Excel or any other 'offline' spreadsheet program.  This introductory tutorial will show you how to get started with the basics of Google Spreadsheets using a basic 'spending' chart as an example.  Use this 'scenario' and apply to personal or business use of 'spreadsheets.'

Spreadsheet Tutorial

This very BASIC spreadsheet tutorial will explain how to
  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Enter Data
  • Merge Cells
  • Format text and cells
  • Resize columns and rows
  • Use Auto Sum & Average Function
  • Use 'fill down and other shortcuts'
  • Create and Customize Charts
  • Collaborate
  • Protect cells/sheets