Websites with a Purpose

Review the following information and then complete your Web Storyboard (template here).

How Do I Determine What to Put on My Website?
Teachers often are asked to have a website or want to have a website but don't know what to put on it or where to being.  Every website has a target audience with specific needs.  Once you define that it's a lot easier to create a website with purpose.

Consider Your Audience
The primary audience of a teacher website is the parent/guardians and students.  The needs of your target audience vary by age level but if you think about what would be good information for parents/students that is a great place to begin.

Provide the Information Your Audience Wants or Needs
Put things there that they need and would normally email or call you for if you didn't have it posted.  In the long run a website will save you time and improve communication.

Create a LURE (to get them there)
To 'get them' initially to your website ask them to visit it right away to view the updated class calendar and daily/weekly schedule.  Remind them that this is a great tool when they have to find the best time to schedule appointments for their child during the school day or to confirm 'sneaker' day for PE.  Post a survey there and ask them to go to the site and complete the Parent Survey. 

Make sure your 'advertised' or 'linked' site is updated and ready to go!

Homework ideas ~ Seems like every grade in some schools are required to give homework.  
  • Google Calendar is great for homework because you can add attachments or details in the description area.  Students can 'add' that Calendar to their Google Calendar list.  
  • If this doesn't appeal to you, you can keep a running 'doc' going and embed that on a page or even use the Announcement style page.  The key is finding a way that requires the least amount of effort and redundancy.

Kindergarten - Grade 8 
This audience is primarily the parents.  They will return to your website if it has the information they need when they need it.  

  • Daily Schedule, Weekly Specials, & Other 'Events'  - Google Calendar, Embed Google Document or Create Web Page
  • Student work - Embed audio, video, slide shows, photo albums, images, graphs and more.
  • Weekly Newsletters (by putting them online you can include links)  - Google Announcement Page Template
  • Rules or Procedures 
  • Contact Information (About the Teacher Page)
  • Homework and Curriculum Resources - Google Calendar or Announcement Page Template
  • Classroom achievements and accomplishments - Marquee, Images, Videos, Slide Shows
Middle School May Have more important needs for posting
  • Schedules
  • Homework
  • Projects (directions, deadlines, resources)
  • Weekly or Quarterly Updates
  • Contact Information, Office Hours
  • Syllabi, Course Objectives, Curriculum Topics