Sites Training Agenda

Creating your First Site Topics

Create a site (blank)

Select a Theme (simple or other)

Edit a page and add content.

Edit page layout.

Create Contact Me/About Me page.
  • Insert an Image
  • Insert a hyperlink (email/website)
Create Announcements Page
  • Create Announcement
Create Calendar 
  • Create repeating event
  • Create a week long event
Insert Announcement Gadget on Home Page

Insert Agenda View of Calendar

Create Horizontal Navigation
Remove or Modify Sidebar Navigation
  • Home
  • Announcements
  • About Me
Site Changes

Manage Site
  • Modify 'title'
  • Modify Colors, Text Background
Adding Custom Header & Managing Site Width

Inserting other Google Tools
  • Slideshow
  • YouTube Video
  • Charts
  • Forms

Q&A / Worktime