How to Embed Audio (mp3) file

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1.  You will need to upload the file to your page (see below).  This is easiest if you have the File Cabinet template for the page you want to embed audio on.  Simple go to your 'Gear' and select Change Page Template and change it from Web Page to File Cabinet.    
2.  Upload the mp3 file to your page and 'right click' on the Download link and select Copy Link Address.
3. In Edit ModeClick on Insert > Gadgets > More Gadgets
4. You can find the gadget by searching for "Google Audio Player"
5.  Paste the URL for the MP2 File and modify other settings as desired.
6.  Click OK and then SAVE your page.
Insert a Video From You Tube
1.  Click on Insert 
2.  From the Google Menu select YouTube
3.  Enter the You Tube Video URL and Modify the Name/Settings.

How to Insert An Image VIA URL

Insert Video from Google Drive
1.  Insert
2.  Google>Drive>Video
3.  Select the Video in Google Drive
4.  Make sure the video is shared in Drive (to public or the site audience)

Not ALL formats will work.  See Google's Video File list to verify.

My Home Poem

URL of Video in Drive:  https://drive.google.com/drive/#search?q=type%3Avideo%20Home 
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