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Action:  Add a sidebar navigation and keep it set to automatically display organization.  Customize your Footer and site Width.

Sidebar Navigation (Vertical Navigation)

To add or edit the Sidebar (vertical) navigation, click on 'More>Edit Site Layout>.   By default you see the sidebar has been started.  To edit the current navigation, just hover over "home' and click to Edit the side bar gadget.  You can choose to organize your navigation manually or automatically as well as the levels of subpages to display as well.  

Horizontal Navigation

 To add horizontal navigation, click on 'More>Edit Site Layout>.  Select the 'Horizontal Navigation.  The 'Home' button will appear at the top left of your page under the header.  Click on 'Home' and the 'Configure navitgation' screen will appear.  Here you can add a page or URL. 

Add a page:  Click on Add a page and navigate  to the page you would like listed on your site.

Want submenus?  Just select the page you want on the dropdown menu and select  the arrow to move the link to the right.

Add a URL:  Click on Add URL.  Enter the 'name of the link' and then paste the URL of the site you want to link to.

Select Save Changes to return to your page and view your Horizontal Navigation.


By default, a header is present and you can edit the header options by clicking on it.  There are several settings.  Logos are covered in Sites for Advanced Users.  You can change the placement of the site title by clicking on the Vertical and Horizontal alignment.

Custom Footer

A footer is a section that appears at the bottom of each web page in your site.  This is an excellent place to put contact information or a link to About Us.  Simply click in the footer and add the information you would like there.  The footer can adjust in size according tot he content you add or you can give the footer's height a specific limit in pixels.  When finished, click OK and Save Changes.

Site Width

You can modify the width of your site a few says.  

You can set an 'absolute' width in pixels - which means the site will be that size no matter what the screen resolution or monitor size is.  
You can set a 'relative' width by percentage.  Your site will take up that percentage of the browser no matter what the resolution or screen size is.  

Customize the Site

To further modify and change your site, you can go into 'Manage' Site and view ALL of the site management options.  Simply click on More>Manage Site.

The 'Edit Site Layout' tool is accessible under More>Actions< Edit Site Layout.

Sidebar Navigation

Horizontal Navigation

Modifying the Header

Custom Footer

Site Width