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Action:  Create a new Page, apply Announcements template, and name it Announcements.  Create an Announcement.  Embed an announcement.

Create a new 'Web page"
Click on the Create New Page Button.You will need to choose a name, template, and location for your page as well.  If it is a subpage and you don't see the option listed you can select choose a new location.  You can also move pages later so don't worry if you are not sure.  Leave Web Page template selected.  This is the simplest and most versatile and the template we have used for our 'home' page.  Click CREATE.  This will bring you to the page you just created in EDIT mode.  Click SAVE.  Now, return to the home page by clicking on the title of your site.  In the next steps you will create additional pages, using the three other templates available in Google Sites.

Create a new 'Announcements Page'

Following the steps in 4.1, create a new page with the Announcement template.   The Announcement template works much like a blog where you can make 'posts' which are then listed in chronological order starting with the most recent.  This is a great way to keep track of meeting notes, make public announcements, weekly updates, etc.

Create a an Announcement.

 On the Announcement page, click on New Post.  Enter a 'post' title and content.  Click on Save.

Embed the Announcement

 Back on the home page, click on Insert>Recent Posts.   Here you can select the page you want to draw posts from (Announcements) and the number of posts you want to 'feed' on the home page.  Edit the title and click on Save.  Click on Save to view the Announcements feed on your home page. 

Create Page

Create An Announcements Page

Create an Announcement

Embed an Announcment