1 Getting Started

1 Getting Started   | 2 Page Editing | 3 Insert Content  |  4 Create Pages  |   5 Edit Site Layout | 6 Customize Site | 7 Share & Publish

Action:  Create a new site with ski theme.  Add a category. 

Google Sites are easy to use but there is a learning curve. In this lesson we will create a site from 'scratch' and at the end we will show you where you can find 'templates.' To access Google sites, go to sites.google.com and log in with your Gmail or apps account. If you are already logged into mail you can click on 'sites' at the top menu.

1. Create  Click on Create to create a new site. Although there are thousands of templates to choose from, for your first site, you should begin with a blank template. 

2. Name your site  The name of your site can be anything but be specific and concise. You can elaborate more later. If the name has already been chosen by someone you will not be able to use it. If the name is available, it will be accepted and the URL for the site will be created in the Site location field. 

3. Select a Theme Themes control the appearance of you site and will provide layout, color, and some illustration. Click on the dropdown arrow to view your theme options. This tutorial will use the 'Simple' theme. 

4. More Options  Site Categories are really helpful.  If you are all making 'teacher' pages, then have everyone put 'teacher' in the category. If you are a larger school you might want to put in the curriculum or grade level as well. You can have more than one category, just put a comma between them. Example: teacher, grade_8, social_studies

Non-Spamming Verification Code  If you get prompted, type the code shown (this prevents machines from making sites) to prove you are a read person create the site. The characters are often difficult to read. If you type them wrong, you will get a new set of characters until you get it right. 

Select Create Site  Now you are ready to create your site - click on Create Site.

Google Sites Interface

Before you get started with page editing, you should become familiar with the interface of Google Sites. This course will begin with basic page editing and will keep us limited to a one page site to begin with. Then we will create pages and a horizontal and vertical navigation structure. 

 To begin, let's look at the editing tools at the top. To 'edit' a page you are viewing, simply click on the 'pencil' icon at the top. Next to the edit button is the 'add page' button. This is how you add a 'new page' to your site. On the More menu are several 'site management' options. These include:

Page Actions

  • Revision History - opens a list of all changes to the page you are viewing
  • Subscribe to page changes - recieve an email each time a collaborator makes a change to this page.
  • Page Settings- controls settings of page such as attachments, comments, etc
  • Print a page - controls print command of page being worked on
  • Delete a Page - Delete the current page.This also removes all subpages and attachments. 
  • Preview Page as a Viewer - shows what the current page looks like to viewers

Page Templates

  • Save as Page Template - if this page layout/setup is what you want for many other new pages, save it as a template.
  • Change Page Template- wrong template? Use this to change the page template.

Site Actions

  • Subscribe to Site Changes - Receive an email each time a collaborate makes a change anywhere on the SITE.
  • Edit Site Layout- opens a tool to manage sidebar, horizontal navigation, and heading.
  • Manage Site- opens a menu of site controls. 
  • Sign up for AdSense- earn money displaying Google ads on your site
  • Sharing & Permissions - invite people to collaborate and view your site. 

Finally the 'Share' button is to the far right. Now let's get started with 'basic page editing.'