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Paperless Research in Classroom

Google Classroom is key to this project.  'The paperless researching' for students doesn't require Classroom but the entire process (feedback, assessment, etc is ON FIRE) when you add Classroom to the mix.  When I show middle and high school students this, they are BLOWN away at how much easier researching and writing papers becomes with the simple combination of Docs, Research Tool and EasyBib Add on.  BAM!

Be A Student ~ In Google's Classroom

Signing into My Domain?  Here are the steps:

1.  Make sure you are using Chrome.
2.  Select the icon (top left or right corner) of who you are signed in as.
3.  Click on Add User.
5.  Give it a Name  like (Workshop) so you know it is not your other account
6.  Sign in with the credentials I provided you.