Google Classroom allows you to create a 'centralized' online environment where you students can access all of your course resources, announcements, assignments and lessons.  

One of the best features is the ability to have 'instant' access to your students documents for providing formative and guiding feedback in real time.  It also allows for a 'one stop shopping' experience for students to know where to go for everything they need access to when they need it.  

Learn what classroom 'is', how to set up and fully utilize the classroom in conjunction with all the other Google Tools that make a paperless classroom easy and effective to manage.

The key is to not look at Classroom as a replacement or stand~alone product.  Is is a workflow solution and a great way to easily utilize all of the tools in Google's 'treasure trove of opportunity!'  

Workshop Objectives

Create a Class & Modify Theme
Review of the Dashboard
Populate your 'About Page'
Invite Students or Provide A Join Code
Create Announcements
Create Assignments

Assignments, Announcements & Materials can contain
  • Drive documents
  • Uploaded attachments
  • Web Links
  • You Tube Videos
Add Assignments
  • Create a document and 'send a copy to each student'
  • Students access the document & you do as well
  • Teacher provides comments in real time
  • Student 'submits' when complete
  • Teacher can grade and return

More Advanced? Tune Me Out & Learn these Add Ons for Classroom

Resources for Taking it Loads Further...
  • Link to Doctopus Add on here
  • Link to How to Use Doctopus here
  • Link to Using Doctopus with Classroom here
  • Link to Site Maestro here
  • Link to Sample Rubric for Goobric here