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Google Contacts is a way to store and organize contact information about the people you communicate with. Each contact can contain basic information like names, email addresses, and phone numbers, but can also include extended information, like physical addresses, employer, department, or job title. Google Contacts integrates with all Google Apps, such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, through the autocomplete function. This allows users to send email, share documents, and schedule appointments without having to look up contact information in a separate tab or window.

4.1 Create a Contact
To access contacts, either go to and sign in.  Or if you are already  signed into Gmail, click on 'Gmail' in the top left corner and select contacts.
1.  Click 'New Contact" 
2.  Enter contact information in the appropriate fields
3.  Change field names by clicking on the field name and overwriting. 

4.2 Automatically added contacts
 Email addresses are automatically added to your contacts when you reply, reply all or forward to new addresses.  If you use Google+ your circles are also added to your contacts.  If you don't want contacts automatically added:
1.  Go to the gear and choose 'Settings'
2.  In 'General', under 'Create contacts for auto complete' and select I'll add contacts myself.

4.3  Create and Use Groups
Groups are 'mail lists' in Google Contacts.  If you put several contacts in a group, you can mail to the 'group' and all members of the group will receive the email.  To create a group:
1.  Click on 'New Group'
2. Enter a Group Name
3.  Click OK

You can add contacts to groups by either
1.  Select the contact(s) and then choose the 'group icon' Groups iconand check the 'group you would like to add the contact to.
2.  Select the group and choose the 'add contacts' icon and manually type the contacts into the 'Add' box.  As you begin typing the name, autocomplete will showcase the designated contact.  Click 'tab' to select that contact  and begin typing again.

4.4 Import contacts
You can import vCard and CSV files to your contacts.   In contacts:
1.  Click on More > Import
2.  Click 'Choose File' and locate your file
3.  Select the file and Import

Tip:  Once imported you can 'Find and Merge' duplicates from the 'More' menu.

4.1 Create Contact

4.2 Auto Add Contacts

4.3 Create & Use Groups

4.4 Import Contacts