5 View & Analyze Results

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Action:  Access the Summary of Responses in Your Spreadsheet and Set up Notifications

5.1 View Summary of Results

1.  Go to Google Drive
2.  Locate the Spreadsheet you are Collecting Responses iin
3.  Open the spreadsheet.

4.  Click Form>Show Summary of Responses

This will show graphical data for any selected responses questions you have asked. 

5.2 Notification on Form Submit

Set up notifications for submitted responses by:
1. Opening Your Responses Spreadsheet in Google Drive,
2. Select Tools
3. Choose Notification Rules
4. Select 'When User Submits a Form'
5. Select your email notification option - daily digest or immediately.

Each time a form is submitted you will receive email notification accordingly to your selection.

5.1 View Summary of Responses

5.2 Set Form Submit Notifications