4 Collect Responses

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Action:  Send the form via email to yourself and include the form in the email.

4.1 Collect Form Responses in an Email

  1. Click on Send Form
  2. Select 'Send the Form via Email Box'
  3. Choose from Contacts or add email addresses (enter at least one for practice)
  4. Send ourselves a copy
  5. Select and enter a personalized message
  6. Select to Include the form in the email
  7. Click SEND

View the results in your email as you have sent 'yourself' a copy. 

Optional:  FYI

4.2 Collect Responses Via Web or Social Media

4.2  Collect Form Responses on a Website or Social Media
There are several ways you can collect form responses. 
1.  Click Send Form
2.  Copy the Embed Code
3.  Go to the HTML Editor of your web site and paste your embed code.
4.  Save and View

You can also select to share your form via Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus (this would be for 'Public' Surveys not necessarily used for surveys that require login or collect usernames.

4.1 Collect Responses Via Email

4.2 Collect Responses Via the Web