3 Prepare for Collection

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Action:  Create Custom Form Submission Response, Select 'New Spreadsheet' as Response Destination & 'Test Drive' your Form

3.1 Customize the Form Submission Response & Settings

When the user submits a form, they get a 'confirmation message' which you can 'customize.  This can be found at the bottom of your form.
  1. Change the confirmation message users will see, by selecting 'edit the message' in the "Confirmation message" box.
There are other settings you can adjust as well:
  • Show link to submit another response — Only check this if you want users easy access to submit another response.
  • Publish and show a link to the results of this form — Only check this box if you want users to SEE the summary of responses - good if you are polling the class and you want them to see how the results are shaping up.
  • Allow responders to edit responses after submitting — Do you want users to be able to change their answers?  If so, check here.

3.2 Select Response Destination

On the toolbar, click 'Select Response Destination'

In this 'beginners' workshop, you will select  'New Spreadsheet' ...  This will create a spreadsheet and by default call it the name of your form with (Responses) in the parenthesis next to the title.  You can view the collected data in this spreadsheet in your Google Drive.

Other options: 
  • Collect in a 'new sheet' in an existing spreadsheet.  or
  • Keep in 'Forms' (will not provide a spreadsheet view). 
For complete dialog about Choosing a Response destination, click here.

3.3 Test Drive your Form

Before publishing your form to others, be sure to proof it by being the first respondent.  To do this, go to your live form, complete the survey and 'submit'

3.1 Customize Form Submission Response

3.2 Select a Response Destination

3.3 Test Drive your Form