Forms for Everything

Create & Customize  | 2 Add Questions    |  3 Prepare for Collection |   4 Collect Responses  |  5 View Results

In this workshop you will create a 'customer survey' for 'Fit Club' using each question type.


A Google Form is the first step in the data collection process.  It can be a survey, a quiz, a questionnaire, a reflection, preassessment, a sign up ~ whatever you need it to be.

A form needs to be understood.  It has three major parts, the 'creation/edit mode', the live view and the collection/spreadsheet view.    

Start by creating a simple survey.  Ask name, email and one multiple choice question.  Or don't even ask for name and email, make it anonymous.  Give an audience the link to take the survey and the results come to a spreadsheet.  

I will show you how it works.


Google Apps Training Center on 'Forms'

Google Forms is an invaluable app in Google Docs/Drive. Creating forms allows you to collect data from students, parents, teachers, staff, and review the results in a spreadsheet with an "instant graphing" feature. In this course, learn how to create, customize, and publish forms and make use of the data you receive.

About this Forms Tutorial

This Forms Tutorial will show you how to
  • Create and customize a form
  • Create Questions
  • Customize Submission Response
  • Collect Data
  • Set Notification Settings
  • View Results

Ways You Can Use Google Forms in Education