7 Collaborate

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Practice Competency - Using the tutorials below as a guide, participants should do the following:

  1. Insert a 'Comment' in your Drive Training Document (the one from the template gallery)
  2. Set up 'Notification Settings' to get an email each time a new comment is added.

Teaching option - Participants can open this doc - all have edit access.  Have everyone access the document at the same time and add comments, chat, etc.  Then, demonstrate how the 'revision history' works. 

Collaborating on Documents is by far one of the best features of using Google Drive.  Colleagues can develop documents, spreadsheets and presentations, collaborating on a single document in real time from different computers anywhere in the world.   They can contribute to the document synchronously and asynchronously.  Using the 'revision history' you can evaluate contributions to documents as well revert back to an earlier version.

6.1 Editing Documents Together

When a document is shared and more than one person has the document open, there is a notification at the top indicating how many viewers are in the doc with a drop down list identifying who each viewer is.  You can also see what they are editing while they are doing it in real time.

6.2 View Revision History

  • To browse to previous versions of a shared document, click on File>See Revision History.
  • Each editor is assigned a color so it is easy to identify the contributions and changes made by each editor.
  • If you want to go back to a previous version, simply select it and then click on 'Restore this version'

6.3 Inserting & Viewing Comment

Comments are often used as a 'proofing' and 'feedback' tool for collaboration.  Teachers use comments to 'correct' drafts.  Colleagues use comments to ask for  clarification or make suggestions without making changes to the actual document.  

Insert a comment
1.  Place your cursor to the point in the document you want to comment on or highlight the text.  
2.  Click on Insert>Comment
3.  Type your comment.

Viewing Comments
  • You can view comments directly in the text
  • You can also view comments from the comment stream (top right).
  • When you are finished with a comment, you can choose 'resolve' to remove it from the document.

Notification Settings

If you want a comment to go directly to an email just type +name or email address it will send the comment directly to their inbox.

You can edit your notification settings by going to Comments and clicking on 'Notiication settings'

Edit Docs Together

View Revision History