5 Access & Create Templates

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Note:  You will create your 'ARTIFACT' for this workshop using the Doc that you get from the Template Gallery in this Tutorial.  

Practice Competency: Using the Tutorials Below as a Guide, Participants Should Do the Following

  1. Go to the template gallery and locate 'Google Drive Training' -
  2. Select the template and name it 'Google Drive Training Last Name'
Note:  This document will be used in Lesson 6 and 7.  This will also be the artifact you submit for PD Credit on the Assessment.

Google Drive Templates

To access templates in Google Drive go to:  drive.google.com/templates

Here you can find templates for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, newsletters and more! 
When you select a 'template' it makes you a copy of the document in your Google Drive where you are the owner.

Templates are an excellent way to create 'worksheets' and 'fillables for others as well. 

Often, teachers will put worksheets and writing prompts in the template gallery rather than sharing view only copies with their students.  This way the template is always available to anyone that can access the template gallery.

To 'create a template' simply create the document, presentation or spreadsheet in your Google Drive. 

Create from Template & Create A Template